The Sex Life of the Amoeba::


The Sex Life of the Amoeba
• By (author): Barry Healey Canada

This is a novel about passions – a passion for movies, a passion for sex, and a passion for one’s country.

Sarah Fielding wants to turn the great Canadian novel into a “quality” movie but everyone else (the sex-mad producer, the psycho Hollywood star and the avaricious distributor) has their own idea of what it should be.

Will Sarah pull it together? Not likely.

During the 1970s and 80s, Barry Healey wrote television variety for such performers as Milton Berle, Arte Johnson, Soupy Sales, Lionel Crane, Andy Griffith, Sally Kellerman, Jackie Mason, Henry Mancini, Van Johnson and others. His motion picture credits include the award-winning shorts: “Outtakes” (1978) writer/director /producer; “The Night Before the Morning After” (1979) writer/director; and the feature films: The Grey Fox (1982) co-producer; One Magic Christmas (1985) writer; Big Deal (1985) director; Hollywood North (2003) writer. The Sex Life of the Amoeba is his first novel. Barry Lives in Toronto.