Stevie – Don’t let the liberal and socialist bastards grind you


Ignore the noise (as you always do). Keep on laying out your message “no government is good government” to the people. If, as Goebbels suggested, you say it loud enough and long enough, they will believe it.

Of course people say that your policies are crypto-fascist. So what? What’s wrong with improving the justice system (why do we need more prisons with less crime?), preventing crooked people from voting (who are they voting for?), dumbing-down the public service (they must have been pretty dumb to begin with, not to agree with your policies), helping the corporate rich avoid paying tax (to keep the economy booming), preventing government scientists from staying on message, subsidizing the oil industry to the tune of 1.2 billions bucks a year, thwarting our ‘democratic’ Parliament (I love it when you prorogue), simplifying Statscan so ‘simple’ Canadians (the 61% of the electorate— liberal-socialists—that didn’t vote Reform-a-Tory in 2011) can understand it, and sponsoring the most flagrant abuses of the Senate since MacDonald.

Let them whine. You know best. You’ve always known best, pal, you’re the leader! Remember that when you talk to Canadians from your $50 million, Goebbels Memorial Reform-a-Tory Communications Centre. Canadians know (at least 30% anyway) that you’re giving them the straight goods (according to you—and who knows better than the man with absolute power).

Ignore those who call you a sociopath. Envy is a sad thing.

Darwin Steed

Associate Speechwriter (quotes available)

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