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Macaloon Chapter 37 – Final Chapter – Book One

This Dell
is Our Dell 

This is not good duff, thought Manley.  Grubs were nowhere to be found, the beetles were tiny and the worms fleshless.  The earth was barren, hard clay with little leaf mold.  Hearing so many animals crossing the dell, he had hoped the soil would be black.  Perhaps it was fertile further down, towards the pond.  He started digging and almost immediately ran into rock.

Coming to surface, he bumped into a leg and, turning, hit another leg. Continue reading Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Macaloon Chapter 36

The Howls of Owls

With the last light fading, Malcolm lumbered up the incline.  Theobald, clinging to his back, had hoped to have gone to the pond.  He was in need of floating.  He was tired of bouncing; it wasn’t natural.  He was also fed up with having to put up with other animals.  he found irritating, especially in mobs.  He wanted to be alone, to float down to the bottom of a body of clear, fresh water, leaving all this noise and chaos behind; but here he was, back on Malcolm, bouncing along to a place where (no doubt) they would find other packs of deluded animals behaving, well, embarassingly.  He tried to remember if he had ever met a normal animal, or lived any other life, but it seemed so long ago.  He could not… what was that?  “Did you hear that?” Continue reading Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Macaloon Chapter 35


Peace In Our Time

 As pink morning light began to silhouette the pines and aspen, Theobald pulled himself closer to Malcolm’s hoof.  The sudden flushing of rain had brought him physical comfort but hadn’t eased his anxiety.  He needed to express his misgivings to Malcolm privately.  Surely he had more sense than that pompous deer.  He waited until Manley and Miranda had moved off to forage.



“It won’t work.” Continue reading Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Macaloon Chapter 34

Spreading Freedom

Miranda pulled herself up on the enormous rock.  Endless trees and rock in front and behind and, peering back, she could make out the upper rim of the wolf pit in the distance.  Walen and Willary stood on the top strata of rock, grooming themselves.

“This isn’t a good idea,” Miranda heard Bewley mutter. Continue reading Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Macaloon Chapter 33


Lupis park

Theobald, rocking back and forth on Malcolm’s back, staring out over the vast pond was troubled.  Leaving here was madness.  Where else would they find a plentiful fresh water and forage?  The wolf had assured them that they would “have a plentitude of earthy delights” and “a most luxurious pond”, in Lupis park, but Theobald didn’t trust Wolfie—he was too assured, too full of himself.  Why was he being so gracious, and welcoming?  What did he want?  He must want something.  No animal is generous without wanting something in return.  And although Theobald had never met a wolf before, he had heard the disquieting stories about them.  So he was resolutely against going with “Wolfie” when they discussed it.

“Why would we go there?”

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Macaloon Chapter 32

Bender Brings Peace

“Malcolm?  Malcolm?”


The voice sounded vaguely familiar.  He opened his eyes.  Where was he?  The red sky glinted across the pond.  Was it morning or had the sun just gone down?


He turned his head.  Benlow was standing on the edge of the pond, peering at him, standing next to an older badger.

“Malcolm, this is my Dad.”


“He wants to help.”


“His name is Bender.”

“Hello, Bender.”

“Hello.  I’d like to help.”

“Thank you.  I don’t… know what you could do.”

“Often, it is enough to join together in common bond.”

Malcolm took to a breath to understand the old badger had said. He liked the sound of it. Continue reading Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Macaloon Chapter 31

The Natives Appear Restless

                Theobald decided he wouldn’t panic.  It was not unusual for a moose to trot.  Nor was it unusual for a moose to float in water.  It was, however, unusual for a moose to trot and float at the same time with a water lily on its nose.  Theobald, concealed in the reeds, watching Malcolm, was hoping that he would start acting like his old self again; that he wouldn’t eat any more ja-ja; and that Benlow wouldn’t return until Malcolm had recovered.  Theobald had not been aware that plants could cause erratic behaviour.  He had no intent of ingesting the ja-ja himself, and was certainly going to prevent Malcolm from doing so.  Perhaps he could convince him to leave, but go where?

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Macaloon Chapter 30

Theobald & Malcolm Meet
the Ja-Ja’s 

Theobald had never seen such a endless pond, one where he could not even view the other side.  He couldn’t have been more elated, although being elated as a rule made him nervous, such a condition was incautious.  Playfully, rolling over and over in the clear, invigorating water, amid the abundant trout he spotted, he couldn’t understand why the boars would poop into it.  Swimming along with Malcolm, out from the shore, he was as happy as ever he allowed himself to be.  Trees edged down to the pond, reeds and bushes rose at the water’s edge.  He couldn’t believe how peaceful and pleasant it seemed, much more so than his home in Feckly.  And there was no sign of boars. Continue reading Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Macaloon Chapter 29

macaloon-29The Arrival of Belden 

As the early morning light streamed in through the chinks in the forest, Theobald waited to watch the sun rise above the horizon.  He’d woken early and was relieved to see Manley had returned, lying asleep just inside the tunnel he’d dug near the tree wall.  He couldn’t tell if the Boars were awake yet.  And though he expected to be, he was surprised that he wasn’t afraid.  In point of fact, he thought, remembering Rollo, he felt a strange kind of exhileration, as though he were living in a dream.

“Theobald?” whispered Malcolm.


“You’re awake.”

“Yes.  What do you think they will do?” Continue reading Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Macaloon Chapter 28

The Real Grattie Brina 

Through the chinks in the trees, Miranda could see the light fading, and hurriedly searched along the pile of trees for a gap, somewhere for Theobald to slip through.  If he could escape, then she might climb the trees, Manley might burrow under the wall and Malcolm might charge at the boars, bound over them and effect his escape, but she could see no opening through which Theobald might slip.  Weariness and the Boars’ incomprehensible behaviour were weighing her down.

“Not encouraging,” said Malcolm quietly.

“No.” Continue reading Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail