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Macaloon Chapter 2

Theobald Smells a Rat,
Or, More Precisely,
a Rat Smells Theobald



heobald, enlivened by the smell of the decay, hummed a dying season tune to himself. Soon he would be gliding silently to the bottom of the pond, where he would re-discover deep calm as his body slipped into its winter’s sleep.
Hauling himself through the wilted ferns, the mud and the reeds, he was almost at pond’s edge when he became aware of an animal behind him. Craning his neck slowly, ready to snap, he could see out of the corner of his right eye, a tail and the hind end of an animal close to his rear claw. What was it and what was it up to? Was this animal—possibly a small, ugly fox—about to attack him? Continue reading Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Macaloon Chapter 1


Manley Discovers Barks



he beetle was stale, but Manley was hungry.  He swallowed it, pushed his snout into his hidey hole and sniffed again.  No beetles, worms—nothing.  He craved grubs, succulent grubs.  He sniffed along the tunnel floor—maybe some had dropped from above; maybe he would find, as he once had, a whole cache in a bit of rotting flesh.

Stoat, stoat!  The scent filled his feeler.  Where?  Near?  Ahead?  He scurried back down the tunnel, ran up the exit, sniffed and stopped.  Was the scent coming from above?  He was uncertain.  He hesitated, turned and burrowed downhill, but found his feet scrabbling at clumps of moist earth.  What? Continue reading Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail