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The Farce at the End of the World is a 1-set, 2-act, 5-character stage comedy that takes place just inside the future, during the Endless War and the Great Sickness.
Dieter and Manny, two itinerant street performers take shelter at an old theatre [Die Reinhardtspielhause], a building standing alone in the rubble and run by an impoverished impresario, Soloman Mundy who, hoping to amuse the few desperate people inhabiting the theatre asks Dieter and Manny to put on a show.
The two, having eked out a living on the street for 12 years, have “many shows” which they constantly improvise from bits of Commedia dell’arte plays string together. They take up Solomon’s offer.
Two women are then recruited to take part in the finale of this play, a large wedding—improvised by Dieter and Manny.
One, a middle-aged Woman, searching for her daughter in the rubble, is too bereft to understand what is happening but begins to assert herself during the performance.
The second, Deirdre, a “niece” of Solomon’s eagerly joins in, and the two women, with nothing to lose, begin to speak their minds, upsetting the cliched efforts of Dieter and Manny.
By the end of the evening, the tensions between the four have demolished the play and Dieter and Manny’s relationship, and the four performers leave separately to re-invent their lives.

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In Development:

The Smoke Pickers

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